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Starbucks Says More With Less

In 2014, Starbucks chose to proudly print their Barista Promise on their iconic white-hot beverage cups. The statement is a simple but comprehensive statement that connects in a big way. It is a testament to the way this coffee powerhouse understands, values and promotes the core values of their company throughout their brand. It also shows that they know how to elevate their company by celebrating a comprehensive story.



“Love your beverage
or let us know.
We’ll always
make it right.”


In very short form, the message says it all.

  • It displays a positive, reassuring attitude.
  • It speaks loudly about the powerful commitment to quality and the confidence they have in the skill of their staff.
  • Finally, it outlines the purposeful outcome of the experience that customers can expect as an end result – a perfect drink.

What is so amazing about the message? It manages to build all of that trust in a dozen words. However, their Barista Promise didn’t start at 12 words. It evolved there.

The previous version of their Barista Promise was a succinct 17 words, stating:


Previous Starbucks Barista Promise

“Your drink should be perfect every time.
If not, let us know and we’ll make it right.”


When you look at the two statements side by side, you’ll notice that even though they subtracted nearly a third of the words, the message somehow managed to get even more potent. They added more heart, further clarified their commitment and process while still managing to reaffirm the expected outcome. It’s a beautiful thing.

Few companies celebrate their stories with the same energy and enthusiasm as Starbucks. They truly have an army of brand celebrators inside and outside their company. The evolution of their Barista Promise from 17 to 12 words, is no doubt due to the way the brand listens, learns, and evolves through their brand story celebration.